02 SEPTEMBER 2006:
It's been a long road but we're finally getting the site updated. I will be spending time cleaning up outdated material and I hope in the near future to present a complete re-design. More papers will be forthcoming so please check back.

11 JANUARY 1998:
I'm still working on getting all the papers uploaded, but I am completing some general site maintenance, including a new index page. Also, I am trying to list the site with some of the more well known search engines.

24 NOVEMBER 1997:
I will be uploading the rest of the papers over the course of the next week or so. Also, I completely redesigned the site navigation with a left margin frame, since Netscape was having trouble with the top banner navigation buttons. This should make it easier to use the site. Still trying to find a way to make the site more "colorful" while maintaining the white and red motiff.

05 NOVEMBER 1997:
Uploaded pages to our new site! The next step will be to optain approval from the Chief Adept to make the site "official."

Web site development begins. Gathering materials and determining what to make available on the site. Still in beta testing mode.