A Seed Planted in the Breast of Jesus

That C.R.C. came from a noble and illustrious family of Germany bearing that name; that on account of his subtle conceptions and untiring labours he became acquainted with Divine and human mysteries by way of revelation; that he collected a royal and imperial treasure in his journey to Arabia and Africa; that the same was serviceable not only to his age but to posterity; that he desired to have heirs of the name, faithful and closely joined; that he fabricated a little world corresponding to the great one in its movements; that it was a compendium of things past, present and to come; that after living for more than a century he passed at the call of the Holy Spirit and not by reason of disease, yielding his illuminated soul to his faithful Creator; that he was a beloved Father, a most kind Brother, a faithful Preceptor and an upright Friend; and that he is hidden here from his own for one hundred and twenty years.

From: Arthur Edward Waite, The Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross (London: William Rider & Son, 1924)